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Understanding Self Care

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Self Care simply means taking care of yourself. Many times, taking care of our selves can feel selfish. We may begin to have thoughts pop up in our minds about "just needing to get over it." Too many times, we ignore the signals our bodies give us that let us know "we need a break." Here are some simple ways to recognize when you may be over due for some self care.

Usually, once we finally recognize that our bodies are needing a break we have gotten ourselves into a vicious cycle of busyness and lack of self may seem like too big of a task to start prioritizing our health and well being.

Please do not be discouraged. It is never to late to start implementing healthy habits.

There are several warning signs that you may need to establish some self care in your life:

  1. You are constantly feeling drained and like there is "never enough time"

  2. You are easily angered and irritable

  3. You feel drained and tired more often than not

  4. You struggle to recall when you spent time "just for you"

  5. You have drifted away from spending time reading the Holy Bible

  6. You cannot remember the last time you spent quietly with the Lord

All of these things are "rumble strips" or signs that you may need to start readjusting your schedule to allow for more self care.

Simple self care strategies can look like this;

  1. Setting boundaries

  2. Learning to say "no" when needed without feeling guilty

  3. Shifting around priorities; focusing on the things God calls us towards; His Word, time with Him, family, worship (remember worship is more than just is a daily act of thankfulness to the Lord)

  4. Giving yourself permission to rest; sit on the couch, drink your favorite coffee, and read a good book

  5. Establishing a morning/evening routine

  6. Laughter/Humor

  7. Spending more time with family and friends

Self care is an important aspect of a healthy way of living. It is important to recognize that we need time to "recharge." The best way we can do this is by having our priorities in order; beginning with spending time with our Savior. Remember to be gracious to yourself. You work hard. You do many things for your family and friends. Do not allow yourself to be deceived by the lie that setting boundaries for your health and well-being is fact, it is quite the is necessary. Until next time, wishing you peace, joy, and freedom.

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