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Feeling Disconnected?

"I feel like I am watching my life pass me by..."

Do you ever feel like this? Like you are a bystander and your life is moving quickly without you?

It can be difficult to feel connected whenever you are struggling with intense feelings of stress or anxiety; even depression. Here are some simple steps to help you feel more connected.

Reach out to a trusted friend.

Many times, when we are struggling, we feel alone-as if we are on an island and convince ourselves that "no one else could understand." The truth is; we all struggle and friends are there to help you work through that struggle. It is healing to connect and be in a relationship with others.

Verbalize what you are feeling.

Sometimes we need to just "get it out." Speaking your story out loud to someone you trust helps to reduce feelings of isolation. Sharing your story also allows for you to receive empathy and understanding from others.

Get outdoors.

Spending time in nature can be healing. Go for a hike or jog; explore an area that you have not been to before or take a walk in your favorite park.

Get in the Word.

It is easy for us to disregard the healing power that comes from being in God's Word daily. Renew your mind by His truth.


Laughing and humor are hugely underrated sources of healing. Sometimes we just need to "get out of our heads" for a little bit and laugh with friends. Spend some time watching one of your favorite comedies or read a humorous story.

Until next time friends~


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