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Am I brave?

What does that word even mean...really...

It means being willing to text your friend when what you really want to do is go in your room and hide away from the world.

It means filling out that job application even though your mind is telling you "why bother?"

It means waking up in the morning and going to work even though inside you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders.

It means allowing yourself to cry and be vulnerable in a world that mocks vulnerability.

It means taking the chance even when all the odds seem to be against you.

It means having faith even though you are scared and doubt at times.

It means believing in good even when you cannot see it easily.

It means being willing to love even though your heart has been broken before.

It means trying again even though the doctor says you do not have a chance.

It means saying goodbye and allowing yourself to grieve without feeling guilty.

It means eating the cookie without counting the calories.

It means putting on the outfit and telling yourself you are beautiful even when you don't feel like you are...

It means seeking help instead of trying to "go it alone."

It means standing up for yourself even when it seems no one else will.

So, ask me again if I feel that you are brave and I will answer dear friend; YES.


and you are loved. and you are valued. and you are cherished.


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