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Kids Corner: How to Blow Away the "Angries"

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Our children are beautiful blessings from God. They are complex creatures with big feelings. Sometimes, it can be easy to forget that kids experience frustration and disappointment the same as adults...but they often do not have a good way to communicate those feelings or needs.

One of theses common feelings is anger. Children of all ages experience anger that may lead to some sort of tantrum or poor behavior. Many times, these tantrums are the result of a child not having the words to say what they are feeling.

A simple and approachable way to help small children deal with their anger is to teach them to "blow away the angries." Helping the child to separate their anger from themselves by placing the feeling outside of them can make it easier for the child to process.

Here is how you can use this idea:

Make sure you can talk to your child about "blowing away the angries" at a time when they are calm and able to understand and practice the intervention.

Explain to your child that whenever they feel angry that means that the "angries" need to come out so that they can go to their home (wherever you want the home to be...allow the child to help decide their home...the sky, a flower, etc.)

Next, tell your child that the way to help their angry feelings get out is by blowing air through their mouth as though they are blowing up a giant balloon. After they have finished blowing up the balloon (exhaling air) teach them to say "blow away angries, blow away!"

Have them repeat this action several times until they are confident in using the intervention.

The next time they become angry, gently remind them to "blow away their angries" and model the behavior for them. Eventually, the child will begin to use this intervention on their own allowing them to gain self control and the ability to safely express their anger.

If your child struggles with big emotions; please consider scheduling an intake and follow up child therapy session with our counselor. Samantha has several years of experience working with children and helping them find ways to manage their big feelings.

Until next time, wishing you peace and joy on your journey to freedom.

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