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It is normal to struggle.

Let's say that again, "it is normal to struggle."

All of us have idealized versions of ourselves that we wish we could be...but is that what is best? What if who you were... at this very moment, was enough?

WE ALL struggle. WE ALL mess up. WE ALL fail. So, if we all do these things why is it so easy to tear ourselves down when we make a mistake?

There are several reasons why we tend to tear ourselves down when we make mistakes, but one of the biggest reasons can be linked to our "self-talk." Self-talk means the way you talk to yourself in your mind. For example, when you make a mistake do you immediately begin to think "you are so could you mess that up again?" or do you tend to forgive yourself and think "it's okay, I can do better next time."

Sadly, more often than not we tend to be the option that speaks negatively towards ourselves. It is easier to give others grace than it is to give ourselves grace.

It is time to change that narrative.

Let's start giving ourselves the grace to be human. The next time you find yourself engaging in negative self-talk try this instead:

*take a moment and breath

*then say to yourself, "it is okay, we all make mistakes... I will do better next time."

When we change how we talk to ourselves we can change how we feel about ourselves, which can change our behaviors. Healing comes in many forms...why not start with changing your self-talk?

If you find that you engage in negative self-talk frequently and would like more help in changing your narrative, then reach out to Alpas (see our contact page on our website) to set up an appointment today. Until next time, blessings and joy to you and your loved ones.

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