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How can Therapy Help Me?

Therapy can be an intimidating word. Especially if you have always been one to "keep it inside." So, why therapy? Why would therapy be beneficial for me?

There are many answers to that question, but the simplest answer is that we all fall into ruts in our thinking and behaviors...we could all benefit from an opportunity to take a look at those beliefs about ourselves that are hindering us from being able to be who we would like to be.

For example, how many times have you stopped yourself from doing something new because you immediately thought "I am not going to be able do this" or "it is too risky" or "I do not belong here."

Or, how many times have you stopped yourself from meeting someone new because you thought, "why bother they will not like me," or "I can't talk to them...I'm so awkward around people."

For many of us, the negative "self talk" that we allow into our minds can keep us from moving forward.

Therapy offers a chance for you to learn about what your inner dialogue may be keeping your from doing. Therapy offers a chance to explore alternative ways of thinking that allow for healthier behaviors. For example, instead of the thinking "why bother for that position...I will never get it." Challenging that thought and saying "there is a chance I may not get it, but there is also a chance that I will get that position" and taking the step to apply.

Therapy is meant to be helpful. Therapy is meant to help you work through the difficult parts of your mind and heart to find healing. Choose bravery and begin your steps towards finding freedom today. Call or email us at Alpas Counseling for an online therapy session today. Until next time, wishing you joy and peace.

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