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Alpas Counseling PLLC

Alpas means to break free or find freedom, which is the purpose behind Alpas Counseling. I hope each client will find freedom from the thoughts and actions that have kept them stuck and in pain. Jesus is the source of all truth and freedom. Alpas provides a safe space where therapy and Biblical truth are shared to help you heal. You can experience healing. You can change your negative thoughts. You can stop those behaviors that are hurting you. Hope and healing are within reach you just need to take the first step...and Alpas is ready for you to begin your journey towards taking back your joy and contentment.

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One on one sessions with Alpas' professional counselor.  Individual sessions allow for you to share your story while also learning healthier ways of thinking, responding, and viewing yourself and those around you. 


One on one sessions for older teens and college/young adult individuals. It can be challenging navigating the transition from child to adult. Sessions can help you work through these difficult yet exciting moments in life. +



One-on-one sessions to help you begin to process your trauma in a safe environment. Strong focus put on helping you to learn your triggers and developing healthy coping strategies to help your nervous system regulate (know that it is safe again).  Helping you work past the hurtful beliefs that can develop because of trauma and to find hope and healing. 

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